Squawkbert 5.5g - Your Tanks
User Squawkbert
Size 5.5g
Date Started 10/07
Lighting 40W halogen desk lamp
Equipment Lee sponge filter, 25W Visitherm Stealth heater in an Allglass 5.5g
CO2 None - I do dose lightly w/ Excel (~3mL per week)
Substrate #20 pool filter sand
Parameters Temp ~78F
Fertilization EI scheduling but dosing rates about 20% of suggested.
Plants Najas guadalupensis, HM, trying to get some Dwarf Sag going.
Inhabitants RCS
Comments pic is of initial setup (I'll try to update soon).
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! Leslie
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Like the simplicity of this. Makes me think of Arizona.
Algae Grower
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Yes, the suggestion of sandstone! a few more plants, though -- and some fish?
Planted Member
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Similerly, I like the simplicity. It is not overdone. It looks clean and bright.
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