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User samjpikey
Size 100cmx30cmx40cm
Date Started 6/7/2013. DSM
Lighting DIY led bridgelux 1w LEDs with fan 28 x 1000k 5 x 6000k 4 x 3000k Dusk/dawn setting
Equipment Aqua manta efx 400 ext filter Spray at full length of tank 200 watt heater Open top glass top
CO2 Up a-164 dual gauge single stage reg/sol Up inline atomiser/ gla bazooka 2kg fe
Substrate Kitty litter and Ada soil separated with fine mesh
Parameters Don't know as started with DSM
Fertilization Will be dosing EI and using excell moderately
Plants Hc Cuba , staurogyne repens , eleocharis acicularis
Inhabitants None as of yet
Comments Hard scape hand picked from garden Please visit my journal
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nice dry start so far!
Planted Member
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Thanks for the comment :) The staurogyne and hc is growing nicely but the hair grass is yellowing
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