FISHYANDY 2.5FT - Your Tanks
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Size 2.5FT
Date Started april 2012
Lighting 24w T8 and novatouch led tube
Equipment all pond solution 600 hang on filter with diy media (cut up straws,gravel) with normal sponge and a internal filter filled with bio rings
CO2 small tetra plant bottles
Substrate Play Sand
Parameters 26c-80f pH6.8 KH 50 GH 125 Nitrate 50 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0
Fertilization Normal garden plant root tabs
Plants Java fern Dwaf Sagittaria Abnubias Hygrophila Cryptocoryne usteriana Water Sprite Hair Grass And Some unknown plant
Inhabitants 13 White Cloud Mountain Minnow 1 kuhli loach last survivor of 10 (after over power outage while on hoilday) 3 assasin snail 1 bamboo shrimp (5 years old) ton of cherry shrimp and MTS
Comments no water changes only topped up plants grow quickly and cut back every two weeks and alges left to grow on back of the tank
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