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User plantedtank3141
Size 29 Gallon x-tall
Date Started June 2013
Lighting Aqueon 24" LED, 2 white, 1 colormax
Equipment TOM Aquarium Rapids Mini Canister hang-on-the-tank C-80, 80gph
CO2 Currently using small cartridges, a basic pressure valve, and a glass diffuser directly below filter intake.
Substrate Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate - Black Sand
Parameters pH: 7.0 Temp: 73 F
Fertilization TTetra FloraPride (ordered some new stuff to try soon)
Plants HC/dwarf baby tears, java ferns, anubias, amazon swords, java moss, hopefully adding some riccia, water sprite, and maybe more soon
Inhabitants 3 female bettas, 7 harlequin rasboras
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Would love to see more pictures of the fish and maybe one of the entire size of the tank!
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