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User Crs2fr
Size 72gal Bowfront -(FW)
Date Started 2000
Lighting Coralife Compact Fluorescent - 2-55 watt 6700K /2-65 watt 10000k(3.6w/gal)
Equipment 2215 Ehiem w/surface skimmer
CO2 Tunze Osmomat 5024, Tunze CO2 Regulator 7077/2,Tunze CO2 Diffuser 7074.50
Substrate Fluorite
Fertilization n/a
Plants Jungle Val
Inhabitants 1 Native Bluegill, 1 SAE, 2 Sterbi Cory's, 1 Rubber Lip Pleaco, 1 Royal Line Pleaco
Comments This was an old picture of my tank.. i'll update it soon~
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