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User demosthenes
Size 10g
Date Started January '08, but gone through countless changes since then.
Lighting 1x36W PCF
Equipment Hydor theo heater, Aqueon 10g filter
CO2 DIY setup under the driftwood.
Substrate 20lbs Eco-Complete
Parameters i dont know the specific numbers, but i've never had any problems with it.
Fertilization several root tabs, Flourish Excel, DIY CO2, NPK+Fe liquid ferts
Plants Sunset Hygro, Ambulia, Java moss, Quillwort, Nesaea sp., Crypt. Parva and Lucens, A. Reineckii, Watersprite, Stargrass, Myrio, R. Wallichii, R. Rotundifolia, P. Gayi, Glosso, and Cabomba sp.
Inhabitants 1 female betta, 1 female dwarf neon rainbow, 1 juvenile male swordtail, 2 otos, 2 amano shrimp.
Comments My first aquarium that eventually turned into my first planted tank. Recently became a high-light tank.
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If anyone could tell me the names of the short plant in the front (in front of the driftwood, left of the mondo grass) or the tall plants on either side of the amazon sword are, that would be awesome. When they were sold to me, the salesman at my LFS didn't know the names of them, i just thought they looked cool.
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they are cyptocoryne parva and blue hygro, nevermind. mondo grass has since been replaced with microswords.
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