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50g Palludarium 002.JPG
User wheatiesl337
Size 50g with 25-30g capacity
Date Started DSM November 2012; flooded January 2013
Lighting Marineland double-bright LED fixture and Marineland aquatic plant LED fixture
Equipment Fluval 406, Zoomed 511, air-pump with air-stone
CO2 none
Substrate Dirt capped with black blasting sand and supplemented with root-tabs.
Fertilization Light macro/micro after waterchanges
Plants crypt. parva; crypt. lucens; crypt. wilisii x lucens; crypt. petchii; crypt. wendtii bronze; crypt. mi oya; crypt. pontederfolia; anubias nana; java fern; christmas moss; peacock moss; flame moss;
Inhabitants 9x t-bone rasbora; 2x German blue ram (male/female); olive and horned nerites; amano shrimp
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Mark F.
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Nice emersed crypts!
Junior Member
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I absolutely love your tank and it has inspired me to do something like it on my 65 gallon. What did you do to create the shelf on the background? Did you make it yourself?
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Awesome work here! Good on you!
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