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User guppyluver
Size 35 gallon
Date Started May 2008
Lighting Coralife AquaLight
Equipment Penn-Plax Cascade 60 aqua clear filter heater
CO2 CO2 Natural Plant System
Substrate natural gravel
Fertilization Excel, iron suppulment.
Plants - Java Fern - Banana Plant - Echinodorus sp - Waterspirte - Duck weed - Hornwort - waterlettuce - Java fern windelov - Bacopa - Rotala Goias - Rotala rotundifolia - Sagittaria subulata - Green Tiger Lotus - Dwarf Hair grass - Elodea - Java Moss
Inhabitants 3 Corydoras metae 20 male guppies
Comments l also have a 15 gallon tank with female guppies
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