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Size 45 Gallon
Date Started November 2005
Lighting Coralife 2x96W CF @ 6700K (6 hour "mid-day" & 10000K (10 hours), 4 Coralife Blue-Moon-Glow LED Lunar Lamps.
Equipment Eheim Pro II 2128 Thermofilter, Coralife TurboTwist 18W UV Sterilizer, Eheim Liquidoser, Rondomatic 400 Autofeeder, Rena Air 200, Automatic Water Changer. Automatic Fert Doser.
CO2 10lb Pressurized w/Azoo Regulator, Clippard Solenoid/Low Pressure Regulator/Needle Valve, AM1000 Reactor and Pinpoint pH Controller.
Substrate 100% Flourite.
Parameters Temp - 74-76F, KH ~ 1 dKH, pH ~ 4.8-5.2, GH - 4-5dGH, NO3 - 10ppm, PO4 - 4ppm, K - 35ppm.
Fertilization GW's KNO3, KH2PO4, and Seachem Equilibrium dosed to maintain parameters listed above. Flourish & Flourish Iron 50/50 via Liquidoser set at max output (8ml/day, 56ml/week).
Plants Tonina belem, Nymphaea lotus (red), Echinodorus amazonicus, Ludwigia glandulosa, Rotala rotundifolia, Cyperus helferi, Riccia sp. dwarf, Hemianthus callitricoides.
Inhabitants 1 Pearl Gourami, 1 Black Veil Angel, 4 German Blue Rams, 28 Cardinal Tetras, 1 Brilliant Rasbora, 1 Clown Loach, 2 SAEs, 3 Otos, 10? Japonica Shrimp.
Comments Tank dismantled in May 07.
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Amazing great vivid colours great lighting and great fish tetras brighten the tank
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v. colorful!
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