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Old 04-10-2003, 04:41 PM   #16
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Actually.. I wouldn't mind knowing how much work it would be to replace the substrate. I have a 30 gallon (36x12x18h), there are 3 UGF plates in there. Would I do one at a time or the whole shooting match? Also will this kill my fish/give me lots of algae or ammonia or something? THe only ones I really care about are my angels. Maybe I'll start reading more about substrates.. any suggestions? 50/50 Flourite and gravel? Sorry to ask so many questions.
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Since the tank is only 3 months old, I would get rid of the UGF. I thought it was an established tank with lots of plants. Take them all out at once. Are your nitrites at 0 now? They should be. Do you have any other filter on the tank now that has an established bacterial colony? You dont want to make that swap without another established filter in place because you will be removing your only nitrifying colony and without backup you will get a ammonia and nitrite spike.


75 gal heavily planted,50/50 Black beauty,Eco-complete substrate, Pressurised CO2 with solenoid, ph controller, AB Reactor 1000, 330 watts 9325K GE PC lighting,Ehiem Liquidoser, 2-Filstar xp3 canisters.
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Old 04-10-2003, 09:19 PM   #18
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A good way to do it is get a new filter, set it up, and let it run for a week or so so it has bacteria, then just remove the UG's.

Tank in transition! 55 gallons, hard water.
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Old 04-10-2003, 10:08 PM   #19
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I have an Aquaclear 300. Just the sponge media in it. SHould I throw the carbon in there for a week then swap out the substrate? I only have a few val, wisteria, 2 crypts, 2 swords, java moss, pygmy chain sword (not gorwing, not dying) and a stem plant I can't remember the name to. Everthing is growing, save for the chain sword. I'll gather some funds and buy the goods. Any cheap places to get flourite around Detroit/Windsor/Online? Oh yeah.. Nitrates 0-5ppm, PO4 0-.1ppm (closer to 0 I think), Kh 5, PH 7, haven't measured the Gh in a while. DIY CO2. [I just realized you can edit your message after it's been posted] So the 50/50.. is that mixed together or is it Flourite layer then sand layer? Also.. how much sand/flourite? I have 3 square feet. So around 15 pounds of each? Maybe I'll grab my old AC 150 and set that up temporarily too. Also, will the cloudy water (from flourite) effect my plants/fish at all? Maybe some filter floss will quicken the clearing up process.
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Old 04-11-2003, 03:17 AM   #20
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you need filter floss because the aqulear foam will not get all the flourite dust, my tank was dusty for weeks befor i got finer foam and stuffed it into the aqualear.
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