Gourami and GBR?
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Old 06-05-2014, 12:26 AM   #1
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Gourami and GBR?

Hey everyone,

Thought I'd toss up a thought I had to get some opinions.

Current setup:
40 gallon corner tank
rena xp2 filter with spraybar and surface skimmer intake
CO2 somewhere on the yellow side of green by drop checker (2-3 bps)
Getting into EI dosing, currently using up the Seachem pre-made stuff before buying dry ferts.
High light overall, the tank is 20 inches deep, so I currently have 3 lights at an 8 hour period total (1 finnex planted plus in the back, BML dutch planted at 70% dimmed in the middle, and a finnex monster ray on the front to give the cardinals and red plants that extra pop of color)

1 female opaline gourami
3 sterbei corys
3 otos
12 rummynose tetra
12 cardinal tetra

Also 3 nerites and a respectable amount of bladder snails (not over-run, but they're noticeable).

Fairly well planted, mostly stems so they're fast growers, maybe I'll add a picture when I get home.

I've posted about my female opaline gourami before, her being extremely shy. She's a little more comfortable now, I'm happy to report. She will still hide in the back corner if I'm staring into the tank but will come out if I don't move too quickly.

Anyway, I've been contemplating getting some more fish, but I worry I'm approaching my limit. My thoughts were towards a pair of german blue rams (I'm in Irvine and there's a breeder down in Escondido I'd be willing to drive down to and pick up a good pair).

Any opinions on compatibility with the gourami, over-stocking the tank, or poor life choice in getting these fish?

Thanks for reading and your feedback.

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Hi. I am just curious where is the breeder in Escondido? I'm in San Diego and I would also be interested in a pair of young ones. Thanks!
1 tank - planted, amazon sword, Anubis, hornwort, hygrophila, ludwigia, java fern, java moss - 4 angelfish, 2 pearl gouramis, 2 German blue rams, 1 African knife, 1 Redtail shark, 1 yoyo loach, 4 albino Cory catfish, 1 golden wonder killi.
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Opaline gourami are among the more irritable gourami, so it will probably depend on the gourami and ram in question...do you own the gourami already and, if so, how has it behaved with other fish?
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If the gourami isn't currently causing any issues with her tankmates, I wouldn't expect it to be an issue with the rams simply because they occupy totally different areas of the tank typically (rams at the bottom, gourami at the top). I had dwarf gouramis with rams and they never acknowledged the others existence.
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Gouramis don't strictly occupy any level of water. This is bad info that keeps getting spread around.

My 4 pearls and 1 blue enjoy all levels and I would have a hard time saying they stay in one space more than another.

With that said my male golden ram stay low and will push the gouramis out if he is feeling like he doesn't want the company. My gouramis are like scavengers as they always hungry and search the substrate and driftwood for food.

They show no aggression towards the ram and vice versa. Feeding time is very exciting and a lot of action but all harmless.
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Originally Posted by Morgan_9300 View Post
Hi. I am just curious where is the breeder in Escondido? I'm in San Diego and I would also be interested in a pair of young ones. Thanks!
There was an ad posted a few days ago by the breeder on here.


And my gourami has never bothered anyone. I've never seen her chase anyone or have any other issues other than being shy. There's also a male guppy in there (that I always forget about for some reason) that follows the gourami around like a lost puppy, she's never seemed to mind that either.

I guess all-in-all it should be ok then.

Here is a quick picture of the tank I took yesterday night (only the finnex monster ray was on at that time, automatic timers and all). Certainly makes things look red...

And here's a pic of Bertha (the gourami) with Peyton Manning (the guppy) by her side, they make an...interesting couple...

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