Airstone for a 10,000 tank?!
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Old 10-12-2013, 04:10 AM   #1
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Airstone for a 10,000 tank?!

I knew that a ton of you would click this. but no, this isn't for a fish tank.

This question is directed for a ~10,000 gallon recycled water tank that currently keeps stagnant water. Its a recycled water tank for my dad's carwash and it smells horrible. He puts chlorine in it to try to clear it up but nothing helps. Being the fish enthusiast I am, I suggest using some sort of airstone that can circulate water so it doesn't just sit and stink.

Would anyone know of an airstone, or pump that can circulate/oxygenate water for a tank this big? or any suggestions for that matter.

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I have no clue, but maybe you could use a really large Powerhead, or a few of them to agitate the water.
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ua hua
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This is what your dad needs.
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The idea (better water circulation) is good. But look into pond management. You want a water pump, not an air pump.
The water pump itself might be remote (like a pool pump).
It will release the water in a vertical direction in the middle of the tank.
This will drag more water with it and circulate all the water in the tank. Intake is through something like a pool intake, and it is set up so that you can keep debris out of it to protect the pump.

If you google pictures using the term pond management you will see pictures of fountains arching up and out of the water. You do not need to go to that extreme. If you can get a strong ripple going that is all that is needed.
If you google pictures using the term pond aeration you will see the type of water movement I am talking about. Many of those pictures are of pond-size air pumps (REALLY NOISY COMPRESSORS). There are a few that are based on water pumps (about as noisy as pool pumps, you are moving about that much water).
You might even look into buying some used swimming pool equipment from someone getting rid of their pool.

To remove the chemical smell you might try activated carbon, though it would take a lot of it. Perhaps simply aerating it would be a good start.
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Old 10-12-2013, 01:07 PM   #5
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Look up Pentair, call them, have them mail you a free catalog.

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Why doesn't your dad look into a filtration/ circulation system meant for car washes. That way the water will be cleaned and circulated. I work in a wash bay for a heavy equipment rental place and we have a system that works very well. This is the way my system works.

Dirty water into holding tank - pumped into first settlement chamber, overflows into second settlement chamber, pumped into filtration system, goes through 3 course to medium filter pad chambers, then pumped through a fine filter pad chamber, then it either goes to a pressure washer to wash or flows back into the first settlement chamber for constant circulation.

The only maintenance I do is. Once every 2wks I put a bag of chemical in the filter chamber. Maybe once every 3months I pull the fine filter out and pressure wash it clean then put it back in. The fine filter chamber is basically a pressurized canister filter.

I apologize for the lengthy response.
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Old 10-12-2013, 04:36 PM   #7
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peavs idea is best of all.
Maybe you already have such a system? You are calling it a 'recycled water tank'. Is it such a system and it is the initial holding tank you are having problems with?
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