Putting fish down?
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Putting fish down?

I have had some CPDs for 3 going on 4 years. They were full grown when I got them so they are probably at least 5 years old. I am not sure on their life span but what I know of danios they are getting long in the tooth. I have one that is obviously struggling. Having trouble swimming in the current, not eating as much, staying near the surface and actually coming to rest more often on moss and the heater etc and looking pale and haggard. Its eyes are still clear but it is obvious something is wrong and it does not appear to be anything contagious the parameters are good, nothing new has been added and its tank mates are doing great.

I have never had to put down a fish but I am contemplating it for this poor thing. I don't even know how to go about it for them honestly in the most humane manner and wonder if anyone has any advice.
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The most humane manner is to sever the spine directly behind the skull. If you are squeamish you can drop them in a glass of alcohol or near freezing water, although there is some debate as to how humane that really is. In the situation you described, I would probably isolate the fish in a hospital tank and let it live out it's days naturally.
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the most humane = the quickest.
which is blunt force trauma to the head (basically, crush the skull), but this is messy.
i generally pin-swivel fish to euthanize them. take a pin or needle, ram it into the skull, and swivel, to destroy the brain.
most people dont want to this, and i can see why. other methods include clove oil, and hypothermia (stick it in the freezer). a method often used for malformed fry, and could be used for a small fish like a CPD, is to feed it to a larger fish. it can be stressful for the fish if its strong enough to struggle, but its certainly a natural death.
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Clove oil has always worked well for me--though I've seen folks screw it up often enough by using too little oil for the volume of water and failing to mix the oil and water thoroughly so the fish is emmersed in the oil, not just swimming around under a surface layer of it.

Ice cold water works well--but it needs to be *really* cold for quick results. Put a container in the freezer, when there's a good film of ice on the surface it's ready. Break the top open, drop in the fish.
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pimafix is more cost effective version of clove oil and is water soluble
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Thanks for all the replies. Went to move the poor little fella to an empty tank and it had already passed on resting in the moss. Thanks for the suggestions I will get the solution mentioned for the future issues like this.
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here is a link on the clove oil that is how i have always done it.

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