Fake Identities, do you use one?
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Fake Identities, do you use one?

My dad is very paranoid about "identity theft" because he got it once, so he doesn't let me buy ANYTHING online. When I made my first email acc and PSN, he didn't even let me use my real name. -_-
Now my friends ask me why I'm a 15 year old male. I even have a fake name, it's Malcom, I use it for gaming. He even thinks that people who do ROAKs, have strings attached, and they do nothing for free. You guys/gals are probably the only people who know my real name online. I wonder if I'm ever going to be allowed to get a Paypal. I kinda feel bad for my dad. Do you guys have a fake "identity"?
- Brian
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And here I thought you were a vegan guy whose vids I stumbled on, on youtube...he goes by "that one guy online" or something very close to it...lol
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nope..I do not..!
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You need to bring your dad to a SCAPE meeting
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steven p
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Not really.. my gamertag is in Spanish, that gets some random racist comments. Other than that, I don't purchase much online unless it is through a reliable site/service, and when I do, my card is covered at least through the bank. Someone was paying in to my social security at some point in time, one phone call found out that someone at the local McDonald's restaurant had copied an SSN incorrectly.
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Old 03-04-2013, 08:17 AM   #6
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I don't, but I am careful about my purchases. I use one of those Money cards where you put money on them and buy things. They are easy to monitor and if you have the right one they have identity theft protection. My husband gets one free through his work and we put $100 on it a month for random stuff. It's also connected to our paypal for Ebay and this forum. It's a lot easier to protect yourself now then what it use to be, but at the same time being too open about yourself can lead to trouble. using your real name online wont cause identity theft. Simple as that.
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I do. My real last name isn't even on my cards at work. Learned my lesson in 84. I was running a company here and a guy looked up my home address through Polk Directories and showed up at my house wanting me to open the shop up on a Saturday. Never had a real last name since. My credit card is only attached to Paypal when I am buying something then it's gone. Problem is all the information stays up there long after you're gone.
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if i remember correctly, you're 13? you don't need to be giving out your personal information online. you might think you can trust people, you might think you can trust people on here... but you can't. it's a benefit and a curse of being anonymous online.
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I'm surprised at that young an age you're allowed on forums and other things, most have an age limit. If I had a son your age I'd do the same as your dad as well. What's the rush there's plenty of time for you to do things.
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Originally Posted by Kinection View Post
My dad is very paranoid about "identity theft" because he got it once, so he doesn't let me buy ANYTHING online.
Not shopping online won't prevent that. I've had my debit card info stolen several times and I've never immediately assumed it happened because I shop online. In fact the last time my debit card info was stolen I am 99.9% certain it happened during the time I handed my card to a waiter at a restaurant. I can say that because that was a card not linked to any online accounts and I hadn't used it in about a week.. but I went out to eat and by the next day there was over $1200 in random charges that my bank was calling me about. I'm not out any money when that happens, it's just annoying to deal with. It has happened 4 or 5 times in the 18 years that I've carried a visa debit card.

Go figure that when I actually LOST my debit card around Christmas last year, no weird charges had showed up before I realized that I didn't have my card and called my bank (a day later). That surprised me a little bit.

Not that long ago my walmart.com account was hacked into and someone tried to buy a tablet for pickup at a store in Virgina using a saved card in my account. Walmart almost immediately cancelled the transaction automatically - it must have tripped some red flag in their system. Even if they had managed to get away with it, I still wouldn't have been responsible for paying for it... if you watch your accounts and keep track of your purchases it's pretty easy to spot when something odd shows up.

Using a fake name online can only do so much to protect you - if someone really wants to find you, they still can. I used to have a PO Box for online stuff.. but eventually I stopped being so paranoid. I live in an area where you sort of have to know your way around to get anywhere and even using a GPS won't bring you to my door (I live in the country and it's a few houses off for some reason). Everyone gets lost trying to find my house so I just don't worry as much any more.
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marko d
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I shopped at an arts and crafts store, once. About 9 months later my debit card stopped working, and my bank called me saying my information had been stolen. That one single purchase.

A little worrisome, but they sent me a different card immediately. Since then I can only recommend having some sort of identity theft protection, like I did.
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i don't use a fake name or anything, but my surname is really REALLY common - Parker.

i won't buy anything typically unless i can use paypal and i have a credit card with a very, very low credit limit on it connected to paypal. I refuse to connect my bank account, no matter how much paypal begs me to.

it isn't about no exposure to risk as much as controlled exposure to risk.

in your specific case, if you earn your own money, i would get one of those disposible debit cards and only put enough for whatever current transaction you have in mind on it. for a 5 dollar fee, you can put money on it as needed, and there is no name attached to it. if someone were to steal the information, then all they could get was the maximum amount that you had loaded on the card.

i'm not sure if you could link it to your paypal account, as they might require a name for verification, though.
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Old 03-04-2013, 04:08 PM   #13
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Only important site has my real ID.
Site like this and stuff like Facebook, nope.
I use fake bday,name,even fake email addy.
You can't trust the net that's one thing you should already know on day one u enter the cyber world.
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I got into trouble once because I used my initials for my paypal name. Apparently you need a full name to get any buyer/seller protection, update credit cards, and add a back address.


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I don't use fake identities online, but I do use an online only credit card for purchases. Online does not worry me too much. Skimmers and waiters stealing your information is much more likely.
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