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FLDs 40gal Breeder

Back in May I once again set up my 40gal Breeder. Iíve had many fish tanks off and on over the years; this tank is the largest Iíve kept to date. This also makes my 3rd planted tank to date; my first was a 29gal wallymart tank, my second was this tank when I first bought it back in 2009, unfortunately when I relapsed back into drug addiction it was torn down and placed into storage so I could go into a long term drug recovery program. Now 4+ years later I am once again in a place where I can dust it off and set it up again.

The tank.

I first read about fishless cycling back in 2009 but only briefly and was still not really educated on the process when I began this project back in May, I cycled the tank with 5 Black Skirt Tetras for several weeks until my ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites showed the tank to be cycled, shortly after cycling I also put in 6 Blood Fin Tetras, all from the local wallymart, all 11 of these to date have been relocated elsewhere. Not liking the cat fish selection at wallymart I ordered 6 Cory cats from liveaquaria 3 Albino, & 3 False Julie, as well as 3 otocinclus, of which 1 False Julie and 2 otocinclus died within a week of arrival. I relocated the Tetras to give the tank to the Oto and Coryís and to make room for what is now going to be the showcase fish 3 apistogramma cacatuoides that I acquired 3 juveniles of from a member here, my thanks to Mr. ErtyJr. With the Tetras in the tank the apistos were rarely seen and were having a hard time of getting food at feeding time. Since the relocation of the Tetras, which BTW caused me to basically pull all the plants and hardscape, the apistos are happier, can be seen most often now, and are showing a marked increase in growth since I got them a month ago.

Iíve done 2 major plantings with this tank; I bought sparingly on my first shopping trip and had to deal with a limited selection where I went to a couple of hours drive away. The second planting I ordered a package from liveaquaria and while there were enough plants to fill out the tank, some Iíve never had any luck with, and others were not what I wanted which eliminated 2 back ground selections. I have always used commercial ferts when doing a planted tank, they did OK I guess, but after setting this tank up I found this forum and began learning more about keeping and maintaining a planted tank, fertilizers, and lighting, though much of it I still have a hard time grasping.

Equipment in this tank as follows:
40gal US breeder OD 36"L, 17&7/8"W, 16&3/4D
Emperor 280 280 GPH
Corallife Power Compact Fixture, Bulb is a Current SUNPAQ 96w 6700k set for 10 hours a day
Marineland Visi-Therm Heater 200W set at 80 degrees

I also just started a modified EI dry fert dosing regimen this past week.
K2SO4 547 mg (Tues, Thur, Sat)
KNO3 1.3 gm (Tues, Thur, Sat)
KH2PO4 204.5 mg (Tues, Thur, Sat)
Plantex CSM+B 841 mg (Mon, Wen, Fri)
Flourish Excel 10mil daily
Flourish Iron 15 mil weekly

Iíve been dealing with a touch of green spot algae, tried reducing the photo period no luck there hopefully with the EI dosing of ferts I can get it under control before it gets out of hand. PH maintains at 6.6 to 6.8, NH3/NH4 0, N02 0, N03 10ppm. GH and KH test will be here Tuesday, and I have some Money Wart coming to fill out the left corner of the tank thanks to the member ua hua, hopefully it will be here late next week. Other plants include Water Sprite, 3 Amazon Swords, 3 Anubis, Christmas Tree moss, Java Fern (narrow leaf), a couple of different crypts and one other I donít know what it is. Growth has been steady even when the Crypts melted after separating plantlets. The Swords lost all their mature leaves but have shot out new growth and as youíll see are doing (I think) fairly well. I also put root tabs in for the swords and the remainder of the 10 pack around the crypts.

Getting ready for the baby's

Before rounding off the edges with a sanding wheel. I had to buy a tile blade for my dremel to cut 3 of these.

As it sets today.

Occupants: The now nightly group swim that the Tetras are gone.

The baby's only pics of 2 the third is to small to get even a halfway decent shot of.

Mr. Oto. Can anyone identify the plant in the lower right of this pic?

False Julie's. Swords in second pic

Java Fern

Are these Crypts?

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Tank looks good. The lower right plant looks like bunched up crypt parva to me. If it is, you can break them up into individual plantlets and plant separately.
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Originally Posted by AGUILAR3 View Post
Tank looks good. The lower right plant looks like bunched up crypt parva to me. If it is, you can break them up into individual plantlets and plant separately.

Yea that's an old picture, I had 2 of those, 1 of them I already separated and I was waiting to separate the other to see if the first one was going to melt on me like another more broad leaf crypt I have did. The next bunch when I separate it is going in my 2gal jar project
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