Black Beard Algae Gone, How to Keep it that Way?
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Black Beard Algae Gone, How to Keep it that Way?

I have had black beard algae on most of my slow growing plants for months maybe years at this point. I have kept it under control by adding Flurish Excel and cutting out infected leaves. However this morning I went to clean my tank and noticed there was not puff of it anywhere to be found, which is very strange being that I didn't do anything (purposely) to get rid of it. This has not happened before. Nitrate and phosphorus are both very very low. But my plants look excellent.

There were three changes that may have caused it to go away. 1) I ran out of nutrients to mix into the water last week and instead used used Flourish Tabs I bought at PetCo. 2) My power head broke so the only water movement is from the 2 hang on the back filters. 3) It got cold recently and the tank heater appears to have stopped working letting the tank drop to 70 (I just got a new heater and I am slowing bring it back up) but it was holding steady before that at 78-80.

My tank is a 50 gallon heavily planted tank with anubias, java fern, java moss, crypts, red rubin, ludwigia, and rotala. Fish are a variety of tetras, shrimp, cory cats, nerite snails, and a whiptail catfish. CO2 injected with a diffuser, medium/high (2 T5 HO 108W 6700K), and HOB filters.

Should I stick with Flourish Tabs and not worry about the low nutrient tests? Should I replace the power head? Of course I can't leave the temp at 70, but could the drop in temperature have killed off the algae?

Thanks for sharing any insight!
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