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Brittany's 75 Gallon Planted Community Tank

Hey everyone,
I am new here. I've been browsing around the net for some good info on planted tanks and I kept coming back to here so I thought I'd join and show my tank. Just a little background first. I have a 75 gallon semi planted community tank that has been up and running for over 3 years now. My first intention while setting up this tank was to make it a fully planted tank. I wanted that lush green filled in look but I soon learned that that is easier said than done. I added all different types of plants and most only survived a short bit and left me with java fern, anubias and some melon swords I believe. Oh and don't forget the duckweed :/ so I kinda left the tank on its own for a couple years and just let whatever plants I had grow and that brings us to today. Here's some specs on my tank.

For equipment I have just the regular bulb that came with the tank. It's just a single bulb and quite frankly I thought it would have burnt out long before now but it's still kickin. This light apparently is able to keep lower light plants but nothing more than that really. I would like to start looking for a light to upgrade to bc this one surely is going to go out soon. I don't want anything too fancy, just something to keep medium to low light plants.

I jut have plain tan gravel. When first setting the tank up I knew nothing about planted tanks and dirt so I bought regular gravel and that's what I have to this day. I really would not like to change this out as it's been in there for years and would be a huge mess to replace it. And I imagine over all this time it has built up a bit of mulm and that can serve as a natural fertilizer right?

For a filter I have a hang on back aqua clear 110 power filter. I'm just running a sponge and the ceramic rings in there, no carbon.

And also a heater.

For plants I have java fern, melon swords, anubias, moss balls, and I just recently added creeping Charlie mint and another type I plant...i forgot what the name of it is now. But it's supposed to grow in any type of lighting.

Now for the fish. My two show fish are a large black angel and a large bala shark. Now before I get flamed for the bala, I know they get big and I know they like to school. I got this fish at Walmart about 4 years ago before I knew anything and as he has grown I have upgraded tanks but this is as big of a tank as I getting so I'm trying to find him a good forever home. On with the fish,
9 gold barbs
6 cherry barbs
6 rosy barbs
3 khuli loaches
2 pristella tetras
1 African butterfly fish
1 Raphael catfish
1 farlowella catfish
1 clown pleco
1 clown loach (always hide in my statue)

I would like to add a pair of blue German rams at some point.

So there's my tank and now for the pictures. Please leave comments. Suggestions good or bad. I want suggestions on more plants I could keep and what kind of affordable lighting I should use.

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