need stocking ideas for 100 gallon
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Old 07-18-2012, 02:47 AM   #1
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need stocking ideas for 100 gallon

Im having a hard time stocking my newly planted 100 gallon and could use some ideas. Have 2 Rena XP3 for filtration. Tank is currently stocked with:

13 ottos
11 bloodfin tetras
5 cardinal tetras
8 denison barbs

I just picked up the barbs today and know they get about 6" so I'm not even sure how much more I should stock. Plan on upping the cards to about 15-20 and be done with anymore tiny schooling fish. I was thinking a couple between GBR, krib, or apisto. Any suggestions?
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I would use AqAdvisor

it isnt a RULE but a guide. See where you stand as far as filtration and bioload. Some Angels would look nice in there.
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It also depends on your water parameters too. The type of fish will depend on that.

For example discus and angels need lower TDS (total disolved solids) and ph, temp (82 to 85) as apposed to other types of fish. Don't get me wrong discus and angels can live in hard water, but they may not grow out correctly.

You also have to decide how much effort you are planning on putting into the maintenance of the tank (water changes, vacuuming, etc).

Rams appear to be a good choice with tetras and barbs.

Good luck.

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Old 07-18-2012, 06:40 PM   #4
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i agree on increasing the number of cardinals as they look awesome when they school. i have a 40 gallon setup and i have a variety of tetras (cardinals, lemons), hatchetfish, pencilfish, and rams. its a quiet amazon style tank.
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Old 07-18-2012, 06:59 PM   #5
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Thanks for the input guys. I agree that it is dependent on my water params and I really should check it again. Admittedly, I haven't after 2+ month cycle completed.

I did use aqadvisor to give me a ballpark of where I'm at. After adding in 4 apistos and upping my cards it looks like I'm in the mid 90% as far as stocking levels and filtration is still showing more than 200%.

I never liked the look of angels, but then again this is my first community tank so I should really look at some tanks with different fish. Over the years I've only had arrowanas or piranhas in my big tank.

My mind has been too focused on some sort of dwarf cichlid cause they look so damn cool, but figured I should get some suggestions to broaden my scope. I found 2 local breeders that are selling gbr and kribs for very cheap and might just pick up 5 of one or the other and be done with my stocking.
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Old 07-18-2012, 07:09 PM   #6
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100 neon tetras?
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