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Originally Posted by andygold View Post
Well, didn't get any replies to some previous questions, but I've got some different ones now...

The OP says that you can't have too much filtration capacity. Any thoughts as to filtration turnover(GPH/LPH) for a shrimp tank?

With all the different substrates and their various resulting PH levels, how does one determine which substrate to use?
Most of the shrimp out there are freshwater stream dwellers, not brackish species (ghost and ammanos being the exceptions I know about). So I wouldn't put salt in their tank. And they're find with snails and with ottos. Just be careful not to have too many snails of the food fights can get ugly.

High turnover is great for shrimp (the cleaner the water the better), but so is low flow, so it's a balancing act. One thing they ALL benefit from is a sponge filter.

Substrate choice is predicated upon shrimp choice. If you have hard water and are looking to start with an easy shrimp, get neos of some kind and don't worry about a substrate that lowers the pH. Age your tap water to see if the pH goes down to neutral, and if not, mix it with a bit of RO/distilled from the store.
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Oh believe me I do, the tank gets several stares and magnifying glass through out the day. They are crystal red shrimp but I think I would at least see a berried female once . Feeding time has got to be the best time though, nothing funnier then seeing a shrimp take off with half a pellet of food being chased by five others with more slowly picking up pieces.
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Originally Posted by GeToChKn View Post
When you use active substrates to lower the pH, you need really soft tap water or RO water. If you use a high pH, hard tap water, the soil isn't going to buffer a lot, pH is going to swing when you change water and the substrate will where out very quickly. kH is a very determining factor in pH and most high pH tap waters are high in kH. your gH and other mineral content can be all over the place.

If you plan to keep cherry/fire red/yellow or any of the other neo species, they will usually do fine in a 8-8.5pH water and active substrate isn't needed. If you want to do crystal/tiger/taiwan bee, they like a lower pH and active substrates, RO or very soft water are usually needed.
So, with my tap water PH @ 8.0-8.5, very soft water (whole house, pelletized salt, water softener), TDS of about 8-15ppm, I should be good to go with "cherry/fire red/yellow or any of the other neo species". I'm thinking on using Safe-T-Sorb as the substrate and then lightly planting in a 5 gallon tank (to start) with one plastic-shield protected 13 watt, 6500K CCF bulb. Some small driftwood and a few pieces of Cholla wood, Prime, & Flourish

Going to try the AquaClear 20 set to minimum flow (I think that's recommended for a 5 gallon) with some Purigen and the OEM sponge. Going to get some foam (or SS screening) for the intake, with either an air powered corner filter filled with sponge (no not baby safe), or a standard sponge to follow.

With the very soft water though, what will buffer it to keep the PH stable? I would figure that harder water with some more minerals in it would be beneficial for buffering PH. Isn't some sort of alkalinity necessary to stabilize the PH?

Can someone point me to a list of plants possibly based upon their PH requirements (or water hardness?). Also, is there a book or digital download that would be the beginner's bible for shrimp keeping?

Newbie question I've not seen addressed in regards to planted/shrimp tanks...
This will be my first foray away from fish only/crabs & snail tanks. With my fish tanks, an important part of my standard cleaning involves gravel vac-ing alternate halves of the substrate with each water change (disgusting yellow-brown water and fish goop). With planted tank threads, I've seen no mention of vacuuming. I'm guessing that vacuuming is a no-no as it would disturb aquascaping, but I'm not sure. How does one get the detritus out of the gravel when dealing with a planted/shrimp tank?

Anything above that flies directly in the face of wisdom, please let me know

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What a read! Fantastic!
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Great write up, exactly what i was looking for!
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Thanks! Wealth of information here!
"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Will seachem excell kill shrimps?
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Thanks for this STICKY!
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WOW, glad I read it all but almost sorry to see it end.
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