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Old 04-28-2014, 11:16 PM   #46
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Zapins, everything I'm growing is submersed, and some have been submersed for nearly a year. They grow a ton underwater with the right conditions, and most grow reliably underwater under nearly any condition.

As for how they look, many of them are very similar submersed and emmersed, although some, most notably the famous Achilles I'm finding are quite different grown submersed. I'm still seeing if the leaves continue to grow and mature, but I'm finding them much smaller.

Duck - yeah, that super mini is my plan for the base of the rock wall in the buce tank. I have been growing this little guy forever, and might actually have enough to fill in there soon.

Pianofish - I third your remarks, well said.
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Old 04-29-2014, 12:33 AM   #47
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Originally Posted by Zapins View Post
Ericj and others, I mostly see Buces grown emersed. What is the longest period of time you have kept them submersed and do they actually grow leaves underwater? Are the leaves morphologically any different from emersed grown leaves or are they the same?

Also, interestingly I was just able to get some nitrogen deficiency photos of a few Buce species from a friend. I'll be adding more photos but I figure this is a good thread to post them in. It took 2 years of no fertilizing in an emersed enclosure to develop nitrogen deficiency. http://deficiencyfinder.com/?page_id=819

I've grown them for many months. Only submersed. The leaves are different as I've received a few emersed and they shed their leaves. They are morphologically different. Often times with the submersed being much more colorful.

Mine definitely get potassium deficiency and pinholes if I don't keep up the potassium. Nice pics on the Nitrogen Deficiency!
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Old 04-29-2014, 12:40 AM   #48
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Originally Posted by pianofish View Post
Mine definitely get potassium deficiency and pinholes if I don't keep up the potassium. Nice pics on the Nitrogen Deficiency!
Would you mind posting or PMing me some of those photos? I'd absolutely love to see them.

Good to know they are truly aquatic then. I had begun to think that they were only tolerant of being submersed rather than fully adapted to it.
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Old 04-29-2014, 09:44 AM   #49
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I thought I'll mention this. A few months ago, I re-did my whole tank(, new substrate, complete new water,) and had a few of my buces melt on me because of this. One of them had nothing but stem and roots left. At the time, I was really irritated and about to give up on the hobby. I left the half melted stem of the buce in the water and here's what I found a few weeks later (Sorry, picture from my phone and that stem was just really that tiny):

I was pretty surprise when I saw the two tiny leaves growing on this stem. I've learn since then not to give up on these dead looking plants since there's a sight chance it'll come back.

Also, have anyone seen a buce like this before? I'm going trying to get my hand on one since it looks so interesting and I want to see what's inside that bulb. They called it Bucephalandra sp Bulb
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Old 04-30-2014, 12:13 AM   #50
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Originally Posted by limz_777 View Post
you are paying money for the unknown

Did what I explain go right over you? Go back and reread it. Like pianofish said this is a incredible privilege.
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Old 04-30-2014, 04:28 AM   #51
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Limz, I guess not all people can enjoy the hard work and difficulties it takes to get these plants, that are only grown in one small area of the world. That is no easy task to get to and then collect them.

I love them and enjoy them. After I got 2 I am now hooked and getting more in trades.

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Old 04-30-2014, 05:53 AM   #52
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It should also be pointed out that buces grow really really slowly. Collecting the plants in large numbers sets the recovery of the natural stocks way back. I'm sure that there are many collectors who take care to leave enough natural stock for the local varieties to recover, but I'm just as sure that there are those that take all they can get.

Personally, I only want plants that have been grown/propagated by another hobbiest. That way at least I feel better about not possibly damaging the environment a tiny bit, and I have more confidence that the plants will take to my tanks well.
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Old 05-05-2014, 02:42 AM   #53
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Kehy, good point there. It can definitely take months when starting with one plant to split and have enough to safely share with others. Even in high light/co2/ferts it doesn't grow quickly.

One of the things I particularly enjoy is watching that single plant grow into a clump over time. When you see that single plant it looks beautiful, but you don't really get the full amazing effect of these plants until they're growing out like that I think.
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Old 05-28-2014, 02:00 PM   #54
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I got BBA all over my buce (gone for vacation, parents "taking care" of the tank). Think it is safe to soak them in a diluted H2O2 solution to kill it?
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Old 10-03-2014, 02:25 AM   #55
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Thought since I am going to get some bucephalandra soon, better start to do some homework. Great post Eric, very informational!
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Old 10-04-2014, 03:27 AM   #56
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Is it true that bucep grow faster in colder water with good water circulation? Eg. 24-25 degree celcius? My achilles are growing well in my chilled shrimp tank.
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Old 10-14-2014, 05:06 AM   #57
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I've been dealing w/ planted tanks for about two years now. Been working primarily w/ various foreground plants and java ferns and only recently shown an interest in crypts & buces.

In researching the buces, I found it difficult to ID and hence gain background knowledge on this group of plants. With so many commercial names floating around, I needed to find a reliable ID source. I think I may have stumbled across that document. A journal article in Wildenowia by Wong & Boyce published this year titled "Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo XXX-New Species and Combinations for Bucephalandra" identifies 27 species of Buces and links some of the commercial names used by suppliers of yet undetermined species to 2 species complexes. It's a start.

I'm about to make the buce plunge. I've purchased some plants from another TPT member and will be adding them to a couple of my scapes. Not really interested in rarity nor am I a collector. Just want to enjoy watching them spread and blend with the overall scape. Will be subscribing to this thread for updates.

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