Neons Jumping out
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Neons Jumping out

After cardinals chaos, I thought of trying neon tetra. Bought 16 of them and they are in a 10 Gallon QT tank. Good water flow, some indian fern to hide.

All of them are healthy and go crazy when I feed them brine shrimp.

Last night one of the tetra jumped out of the tank. Today morning when I was counting, one went missing, found one behind the tank. Few hours another jumped out, but luckily I was able to put it back in tank.

I don't have a lid in QT tank and main tank also. I am planning for one.

Why is this behavior? what is going on? In the past I had the same problem with rummy nose. Also, these neons get freaked out when I turn off the lights. Not sure how to deal with this.

Any thoughts?
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Some questions.. your quarantine tank is cycled, right? Could be ammonia, nitrite poisoning, or high nitrates poisoning and they had it and want to get out of the conditions in the tank. You have to find a way to seal up the top more. Tetras and all fish have the tendency to jump at times randomly and unfortunately, sometimes out of the tank; it's their nature. I sadly had cardinals jump out every once in a long while, so I could relate.. Also, the neons don't exactly freak out after the lights are off, they're just going to a instinctive, nocturnal state or something..
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My experience with a sudden bout of jumping fish was caused by a defective heater. Not sure if there was a hairline crack in it, but it was leaching out electricity in a radius around the heater. I noticed mollies all over the floor and when I looked in the tank the rest of the fish were clustered together near the bottom of the tank. Not knowing what was going on I was going to start a water change. I moved the light over and when I stuck my fingers in to start off the siphon I could feel the buzz in the water which got stronger as I got nearer the heater. Unplugged it, let it cool and tossed it out.
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+1 to the possibilities in both posts above.

Originally Posted by Gokul View Post
Also, these neons get freaked out when I turn off the lights. Not sure how to deal with this.
The sudden turn-on/off of artificial lighting is unnatural. It's something they mostly adapt to, but if they're already stressed for another reason they may still freak out. Stress can also come from being in a new and unfamiliar tank, being in a smaller shoal than they've ever been in before, or even encountering live plants for the first time!

So you might try giving them a nightlight. I have a lamp near my QT that stays on all the time. Not enough to disrupt fish sleep or plant growth cycles, but enough that fish are never suddenly plunged into conditions where they momentarily can't see.
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+1 to DarkCobra

I think I kind of facing that problem for sure, sudden lights off causing them to freak out. So these days I just turn off-turn on-turn off-Turn on, till I find them ok with no lights. Hope I don't damage the lights
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