Will RCS shrimplets survive?
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Will RCS shrimplets survive?

Hello, I have a heavily planted 55, lots of moss and pieces of wood with various hiding places.

I put a few Red Cherry Shrimp in the tank a couple weeks ago and now see a female carrying eggs.

The tank has this fauna in it:
5x Neon Tetras
8x Black Neon Tetras
3x Glow Light Tetras
2x Pencilfish (a few more to be added)
1x Black Skirt Tetra

3x Kuhli Loaches

1x Bristlenose Plec.

3x Amano Shrimp
5x Ghost Shrimp

also many Rams horn Snail, Pond Snail, and Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Assuming the shrimplets hatch, will their tankmates eat them all?

I saw them today, put a sponge over the intake for the filter just in case, but then worried about whether they'll survive among fish.
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Some will survive in that heavily planted tank for sure.
Don't expect the colony to be exploded any time soon, but they surely will multiply.
I had a similar set up a few years back.
It took almost a year before the colony had increased to a decent numbers (40-50).
The tetras will keep the shrimp number in check.
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I have been researching RCS because I just added some to my planted 55 gal and am hoping to see them reproduce. I'm a little concerned about my pH, which is higher than their suggested breeding recommendations, yet the cardinals I have do well and I've heard these hardy shrimp adjust to their environments as long as you maintain a stable and clean tank. Anyhow, if your tank is heavily planted you are sure you have some young RCS... after the first week or two most fish leave the babies alone, or so I've read. With places to hide some offspring are sure to make it.
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I've had guppies wipe out an adult shrimp population in a heavily planted tank (albeit, without moss or that sort of thing), so I wouldn't necessarily expect many babies to survive that tank. Just my experience.

HSA1255 - I'm keeping and breeding shrimp in 8.2 water that is rock hard. If your water is keeping cardinals alive and healthy (mine sure won't), I wouldn't worry about your shrimp in it.
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