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Old 08-29-2013, 12:48 AM   #1
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75g - The Livebearer Heaven


I've had planted tanks off and on for about 6 or so years now. When my hubby and I moved into our new home, I agreed he could buy a big bird (Golden Conure for those interested), if I got my big fish tank. So I did! It's somewhat low tech though.

The Tank:
75 gallon - second (third, possibly fourth) hand
Black stand

The Equipment:
Finnex Ray II
4 x Hydro IV Sponge Pro Filter
Tetra Whisper Air Pump AP150
Finnex 200 Watt Heater with Hang on Electric Controller
Cascade 700 filter

The Substrate:
BlackDiamond Blasting Grit
40 x Flourish tabs

The Fauna:

20+ x Poecilia reticulata (Guppies)
11 x Paracheirodon innesi (Neon Tetra)
1 x Albino Ancistrus (Bristlenose, short fin)
10 x Corydoras
2 x Tateurndina ocellicauda (Peacock Gobies)
2 x Caridina multidentata (Amano Shrimp)
8 x Neocaridina heteropoda (Cherry Shrimp)
5 x 'Ghost shrimp'
2 x Clea helena (Assassin snails)
???,???,??? x Pond snails

The Flora:
Echinodorus amazonicus (Amazon sword)
Alternanthera reineckii (Scarlet Temple)
Cryptocoryne lutea (Crypt Lutea)
Echinodorus ozelot (Ozelot sword)
Eleocharis acicularis (Dwarf Hairgrass)
Eleocharis montevidensis (Giant Hairgrass)
Ceratopteris cornuta (Water Sprite)
Hygrophila difformis (Water Wisteria)
Echinodorus tenellus (Chain sword)
Cryptocoryne parva (Crypt Parva)
Microsorum pteropus (Java Fern)
Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae (Microsword)
Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Red Wendtii)

The Routine:
EI Fertilizers 3 x a week (Micros and Macros)
Excel 16ml daily
20% water changes 2 x a week
40% water change 1 x a week

Setup picture (6/19/2013):

This was just after I got the blasting grit (well rinsed) in and flooded the tank.

Older tank pics (8/28/13):

Older tank pics (10/02/13):

I apologize for the quality. The above were taken on my husband's phone.

Current tank pics (10/25/13):

My future plans for this tank include CO2 injection at some point.

Last edited by contractorgirl; 10-26-2013 at 12:48 AM.. Reason: Updating pics!
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Old 08-29-2013, 01:58 AM   #2
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Looks good!! I love the driftwood.
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That is one mean piece of wood.
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Old 10-03-2013, 12:10 AM   #4
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Default It's update time!

Tonight seems like as good as night as any to update!

Sadly, I am having battle royal with algae. It looks to be staghorn with BBA in some areas. It has got me a fair bit upset!

But in good news (and much too my surprise), it looks like my cories are breeding! I found about a quarter inch long Panda cory feeding under the narrow leaf sword! I didn't think they'd breed in my tank but I guess I was bound to have some of both genders!

I've added java moss to the driftwood, a moss ball just sitting on the y of the driftwood's branches, narrow leaf temple in one corner and more duckweed than I thought it was until I unpacked it! The duckweed is to help lessen the light in hopes the algae will be more manageable. My tank is so green now!

I received a working Penn-Plax Cascade 1500 this weekend! I've got all the media in but the strainer and output are broken. I'm looking for plastic lily pipes with a metal mesh strainer. So far, no luck. If anyone has 17mm lily pipes, please let me know!
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Old 10-03-2013, 03:57 PM   #5
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One last update:

Photos of one of my guppies taken by my husband on his awesome camera!

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Wow that driftwood is bad ass. i would try to not cover it with plants as its a great focal point to the tank. love the guppies and good news on the corys breeding.

Good luck and keep up with the good work
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Old 10-03-2013, 08:51 PM   #7
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+1 on not covering the wood...looks great!

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Old 10-04-2013, 02:22 AM   #8
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You have a nice tank and I like the color of the guppies.
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Old 10-16-2013, 05:10 PM   #9
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Default Algae - Defeated!

Thanks to everyone for their nice comments!

Well, it's been a long road with the algae in my tank. I went the Excel route to beat it back. I added ferts (Thanks nilocg!)to help fix the issues with plant growth to beat back the algae as well. The majority of the algae has cleaned up. It took a few of the planted with it. Namely one of the two ozelot swords and some of the giant and dwarf hairgrass. But, I've added a huge melon sword and red wendtii in their place. I need to do some rescaping to get rid of some of the lingering BBA in the foreground.

I have my new filter in place on this tank! I got a used Cascade 700 from a local pet shop a few weeks ago. I put together the parts and pieces that it was missing over the past week or so and got it up and running over the weekend. I'm running Fluval pre-filter media, a water polishing pad, biomedia and a bio sponge in it. Once it's established itself, I'm going to remove two of the end sponge filters as they are unslightly and not covered as well as I thought they would be. In addition, I'm planning to pickup a SS mesh pre-filter this Friday to replace the pre-filter sponge I'm current running on the intake.

I've also got a load of red cherry shrimp coming in (Thanks aquagarden!) by the end of this week. It'll add about 60 shrimp to my number in this tank.

I'm very happy with this setup so far. My last wish list item is C02. I had put the money together for it but one of my pups had to go to the vet for surgery unexpectedly. She's fine now, thank goodness, but the vet owns a small piece of my soul, one arm and one leg at this point.

No pictures with this update until tonight!
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Old 10-26-2013, 12:49 AM   #10
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Picture update!
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