wet/dry filter vs. co2
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wet/dry filter vs. co2

so i've read nothing but good things about going to a wet/dry filter + sump setup...


wouldn't all that aeration decimate the concentration of my infused co2?
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the short most common answer is yes, it can. But there are work-a-rounds that are found on this forum. Do a bit of searching and you should be able to find what you are looking for
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I've found I can actually get higher co2 concentration with my sump tank vs. My canister filter tank. I believe this to be because of the higher o2 levels created by all the airation. It does take more gas to get you there though but gas is cheap.
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First thing that you must consider is creating a sump that is as gas tight as you can get it. Second most important thing is the method in which you will get the water to your sump. The less splash you get the better. More times than not the drain pipe will need to be submerged. Also try to design a sump in which its dividers don't cause too much commotion. A reactor such as the Cerges can help as well. That way the fresh co2 supply goes directly to the display tank.

When ever I get around to my large tank project, it will be a bean animal system with a custom acrylic wet/dry tank top. It is nearly impossible to seal the sump 100% so don't expect to. Like mentioned above gas is cheap. Starting with a larger co2 tank numbs the pain of gas loss and you won't have to make frequent trips to refill it,lol.
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I think it is true that the trickling of water through all the bio media oxygenates the water extremely well, but also degasses the CO2 very well. That being said, if you have a decent dissolution method like a reactor, the water entering the tank is going to be both O2 and CO2 rich. You will need to increase injection rate but ability to oxygenate and have good CO2 gives you more leeway to not gas your fish and combat algae. I wish I had one but stuck on a canister for now.
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HD Blazingwolf
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i left my wet/dry open for the first time last week during medication. and i gotta say, i didnt have to adjust my co2 at all. i had never not sealed it.

my 75 gallon recieves tons of light, i would have quickly noticed a problem if co2 had gone awry.

most wet drys i believe waste co2 due to too high of drain pipe flow for sizing. i cut my co2 consumption in half mearly by upgrading my drain size.
smaller IE most commercial overrated drains suck in lots of air and cuase need for silencing methods such as durso, herbie, bean animal, maggie muffler.

picking larger drains allows air to equilize pressure in the drain tube. my 75 has a 1.5 inch drain. supposedly itll hanle 1600 gph, ive dumped tons of water, and it does, but its noisey and gurgles and looks unsafe
750 gph is its max gravity fed drain rating, and i gotta tell you, its quiet for an overflow box
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awesome feedback! i'm glad i asked...

never considered the higher o2 would allow me to go higher w/ the co2... interesting!

...and doesn't that bean animal design look killer? i can't wait to do it myself. have to go bigger than 29gal to justify it, though.. LOL (and that means I have to finally bite the bullet and install hardwoods throughout my 1st floor for the wife - after that I'm allowed to go big w/ a tank)
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