Hoping for a simplish answer on medium lighting
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Hoping for a simplish answer on medium lighting

I was hoping to get a quasi-simple answer to a not quite so simple question.

Currently, I have 2 planted tanks: a 10 gallon and a 29 gallon

The 10 gallon is low light. A simple t8 growlight and also a simple marineland LED strip (not the plant one, although I'm sure that the plants can use a very small amount of the light it does emit - it's just there to make the tank pretty. The T8 isn't very bright)

The 29 gallon might be considered medium light, I suppose. I am running a dual T5NO and a 20 watt t8 growlight as well. This system is a pain because if the T8 is in front, my Crypts slow down their growth, and if it's in the back, then my stem (Cabomba, Ludwiga <sp>, Watersprite etc) and my Apongenetian (sp) seem to lose leaves.

I am also getting ready to set up a 20 gallon tank that I would like to be medium light.

I don't have algae issues in the 29 gallon, but have had black beard and green hair algae issues in the 10 gallon. I added some watersprite to that one, and got a good magnetic glass cleaner which cured the gha but the black beard came on with a vengence. I can only use a little excel because of my anachris though. (today in fact, I pulled anything not rooted out and rinsed the bba off with dechlorinated water after wiping everything down except the anarchris with API CO2 Booster <I wasn't using it cause the excel is better but I wasn't about to go through that much excel when I had the other to burn. Hopefully this will help with the immediate issue...)

Both tanks are what I think is moderately to heavily planted for their size (not a whole lot of free space to add stuff but some space inbetween plants where I hope for fill in.

So, basically I was wondering what would be considered Medium Lighting for all 3 tanks sizes? I'd like to get the 29 gallon at true medium lighting with one fixture only.

Also, in the far future, I'd like to upgrade the 10 gallon to medium lighting as well, so I can add some ludwiga or something similar to it.

I'm have no intention of adding any co2 in the forseeable future. I have small kids and the last thing I need is them getting into that.

And, last but not least, I"m not trying to be a shrew, but please no vague "calculate the wpg" answers. They are, as I said vague, and to be quite honest I am very well aware that WPG is considered to be outdated, inaccurate at best and talked about more than anything. The problem I am having is that lumens seem to be very very difficult to calculate because the majority of fixtures/bulbs do no thave this info readily available, and from what I've ready I'd need an engeneering degree to figure it out!

Please advise and thank you!
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