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Hey guys!

I do a good bit of reading online, and I found a text file hidden away on this web page with a list of many of the crustaceans we keep. It seems like this could be a helpful tool, so I figured I would post it here.

Again, I did not compile this.

If you'd like me to add something or change something, or you just really like it, say so!


  • ''Atyaephyra desmaresti'', Iberian/European dwarf shrimp
  • ''Atyoida pilipes'' Green lace shrimp
  • ''Atyopsis moluccensis'', Bamboo Shrimp
  • ''Caridina babaulti|Caridina cf. babaulti var. green'', green shrimp
  • ''Caridina babaulti|Caridina babaulti var. malaya'', malayan dwarf shrimp
  • ''Caridina babulti|Caridina babaulti var. stripes'', striped shrimp
  • ''Caridina gracilirostris'', red nose shrimp
  • ''Caridina gracilirostris|Caridina cf. gracilirostris'', white-nose Shrimp
  • ''Caridina multidentata'', Amano shrimp
  • ''Caridina cf. cantonensis var. bee'', bee shrimp
  • ''Caridina cf. cantonensis var. blue tiger'', blue tiger shrimp
  • ''Caridina cf. cantonensis var. crystal black'', crystal black shrimp
  • ''Caridina cf. cantonensis var. crystal red'', crystal red shrimp
  • ''Caridina cf. cantonensis var. tiger'', tiger shrimp
  • ''Caridina cf. propinqua'', tangerine shrimp
  • ''Caridina cf. serrata var. chinese zebra'', Chinese zebra shrimp
  • ''Caridina sp.'', Indian Dwarf Shrimp
  • ''Caridina sp.'', Indian Whitebanded Shrimp
  • ''Caridina woltereckae'', Sulawesi harlequin shrimp
  • ''Caridina dennerli'', Sulawesi cardinal shrimp
  • ''Caridina cf. breviata'', bumblebee shrimp
  • ''Caridina|Caridina sp.'', black midget shrimp
  • ''Caridina serratirostris'', Ninja Shrimp
  • ''Caridina pareparensis parvidentata'', malawa shrimp
  • ''Caridina simoni simoni'', Sri Lankan

    Dwarf shrimp:

  • ''Desmocaris elongata'', Guinea Swamp Shrimp
  • ''Euryrhynchus amazoniensis'', Amazon zebra shrimp
  • ''Halocaridina rubra'', Hawaiian Red shrimp (brackish, but can be acclimated to freshwater)
  • ''Macrobrachium assamensis'', Red claw shrimp
  • ''Macrobrachium dayanum'', Rusty longarm shrimp
  • ''Macrobrachium eriocheirum'', Fuzzy claw shrimp
  • ''Macrobrachium faustinum'', Caribbean longarm shrimp
  • ''Macrobrachium kulsiense'', Sand shrimp
  • ''Macrobrachium lanchesteri'', a.k.a. ''Cryphiops lanchesteri'', Riceland prawn
  • ''Micratya poeyi'', Caribbean dwarf filter shrimp
  • ''Neocaridina davidi (wild type)'', Wild type cherry shrimp
  • ''Cherry shrimp|Neocaridina davidi var. red'', Cherry shrimp
  • ''Neocaridina davidi var. yellow'', Yellow shrimp
  • ''Neocaridina davidi var. blue'', Taiwan Pale Blue Shrimp
  • ''Neocaridina palmata'', Marbled dwarf shrimp
  • ''Blue pearl shrimp|Neocaridina cf. palmata var. blue pearl'', Blue pearl shrimp
  • ''Snowball Shrimp|Neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis var. white'', Snowball shrimp
  • ''Palaemonetes ivonicus'', amazon glass shrimp
  • ''Palaemonetes paludosus'', American ghost (glass, grass) shrimp
  • ''Palaemonetes varians'', European ghost shrimp
  • ''Potamalpheops sp.'', purple zebra shrimp
  • ''Triops australiensis'', Australian tadpole shrimp
  • ''Triops cancriformis'', horseshoe shrimp
  • ''Triops longicaudatus'', longtail tadpole shrimp
  • ''Xiphocaris elongata'', Yellow nose shrimp


  • ''Procambarus alleni''
  • ''Procambarus clarkii'' Red Swamp Crayfish
  • ''Procambarus sp. Marmorkrebs''

    Marble Crayfish:

  • ''Cherax destructor''
  • ''Cherax quadricarinatus''
  • ''Cambarellus montezuema''
  • ''Cambarellus shufeldtii''
  • ''Cambarellus patzcuarensis'' Dwarf Crayfish
  • ''Pacifastacus leniusculus'' Signal Crayfish


  • ''Artemia franciscana'', San Francisco brine shrimp
  • ''Artemia salina'', Utah salt lake brine shrimp
  • ''Artemia nyos'', Sea Monkeys
  • ''Parartemia zietziana'', Sea Dragons
  • ''Artemia sp.'', Siberian brine shrimp
  • ''Lepidurus apus'', golden tadpole shrimp
  • ''Triops longicaudatus'', longtail tadpole shrimp
  • ''Triops australiensis'', Australian tadpole shrimp
  • ''Triops cancriformis'', European tadpole shrimp
  • ''Thamnocephalus sp.'', beavertail fairy shrimp
  • ''Streptocephalus sp.'', redtail fairy shrimp
  • ''Streptocephalus sp.'', dry lake fairy shrimp
  • ''Brachinecta sp.'', winter fairy shrimp
  • ''Daphnia'', water flea
  • ''Moina'', Japanese water flea
  • ''Diplostraca'', clam shrimp


  • ''Asolene spixi'' (apple snail)
  • ''Marisa cornuarietis'' (apple snail)
  • ''Planorbis'' species (standard ramshorn snails)
  • ''Pomacea bridgesii'' (apple snail)
  • ''Pomacea canaliculata'' (apple snail)
  • ''Physa'' species (bladder, tadpole and physa snails)
  • ''Lymnaeidae'' (pond and melantho snails)
  • ''Lymnaea stagnalis'' (great pond snail)
  • ''Planorbarius corneus'' (Great Ramshorn)
  • ''Melanoides tuberculata'' (Malaysian trumpet snail)
  • ''Melanoides granifera'' (spike tailed trumpet snail)
  • ''Viviparus malleattus'' (Japanese trapdoor snail)
  • ''Clithon corona'' (horned nerite snail)
  • ''Neritina natalensis'' (zebra nerite snail)
  • ''Vittina semiconica'' (red onion or tire tracked nerite snail)
  • ''Neritina reclivata'' (olive nerite snail)
  • ''Nepterion violaceus'' Red Lips (Red lips neritine snail)
  • ''Septaria porcellana'' (freshwater limpet)
  • ''Neritina'' sp. (mosaic nerite snail)
  • ''Neritina'' sp. (tribal nerite snail)
  • ''Brotia pagudola'' (horned armour snail)
  • ''Pachymelania byronensis'' (west African freshwater snail)
  • ''Neritina puligera'' (dusky nerite)
  • ''Paludomus sulcatus'' (bella snail)
  • ''Thiara cancellata'' (hairy tower lid snail)
  • ''Taia naticoides'' (piano snail)
  • ''Brotia herculea'' (giant tower cap snail)
  • ''Planorbella duryi'' (miniature red ramshorn snail)
  • ''Tylomelania'' species (Tylo or Sulawesi snails)
    • ''Tylomelania sp. Poso'' Yellow
    • ''Tylomelania sp. Poso'' Orange Flash
  • ''Tylomelania patriarchalis'' (black Sulawesi snails)
  • ''Cipangopaludina leucythoides'' (tiger tuba snail)
  • ''Corbicula fluminea'' (Asian clam)
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