FIsh Rubbing on Plants and Driftwood
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FIsh Rubbing on Plants and Driftwood

1.) I know what Ich looks like and I do not see a single fish with ich on him/her

So I have a few fish that seem to rub themselves on a few plants/driftwood/rocks. I am not sure what could be causing this, however i have lost some fish post Hurricane Sandy.

I remove the fish as soon as possible but sometimes i do not notice it for a day or two later. I do about 15 gallon water changes 1x - 2x a week on my 55 gallon tank.

I recently bought a Golden Face Blue Ram - and gorgeous fish but now developing a swollen eye that is slight cloudy and looks like a bubble over the eye.

The temp of the tank is around 83 degrees. I keep an air stone in the tank 24/7 with a powerhead 425 GPH, and Eheim 2215 and Eheim 2217 in the tank.

After hurricane Sandy, I cleaned out the filters and the tank.

Lost so far 2x GBR, 2x EBR - I really do not want to lose my newest too.

Some of my hardier fish (Emerald Cory/Juhili Cory/Honey Gourarmi) they have been fine in the tank since June.

I would like to get these fish to stop rubbing against the tank, last week I checked I had zero ammonia in the tank.
NO3/Nit - also very small (do not have an exact number did not check this week)

What could I do to help these fish?

I do not want to loose any more fish, and I am religious about water changes... I have carbon in the tank from treating fish that developed Fin Rot after Hurricane Sandy.... (melafix) and carbon has been in the tank since Nov 20th - as a side note.

Thoughts/Questions? comments? Please help!

PH goes from 6.1 - 7.0 during the course of the day. I try to keep it around 6.5, but I have noticed at night time the fish have been going toward the top of the tank, so I knocked down the CO2 in the tank. So for the past couple of days its been sitting around 6.9/7.0.
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While you may not be able to see the characteristic salt-like dusting over the fish that is indicative of Ich, it is possible that your fish are still infected with the parasite. Prior to encystment of the parasite, the white nodules (spots) are not observable.

The flashing that you see your fish doing may be indicative of Ich.

Regarding your Golden Face Blue Ram, I am not too familiar with fish diseases, so I will let others comment on this.

What exactly is your nitrite levels? "Trace amounts" means non-zero, which means toxic. I would do water changes and ensure that they are zero.

The activated carbon that has been in your aquarium for just over 2 weeks is likely exhausted from adsorbing all the medication; I would remove it.

As a side note, do you have a quarantine aquarium to treat your fish?

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"As a side note, do you have a quarantine aquarium to treat your fish?" - The problem with the quarantine tank its 6 gallons.... and no co2. the rams need a required 6.3-6.5 PH, which I will not be able to keep in this tank.
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