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Oh I see ghosts all the time.

I have a guppy breeding tank and every week I take out dozens of individuals to chop into itty bitty bits.

Their tiny ghosts are forever circling me waiting to exact their revenge.
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In the course of my life I've seen a lot of things that are inexplicable according to mainstream western science.

And had other people witness the same things.

One example, I was called by a client to clear energy in her house, bc she suddenly started getting headaches every time she walked through a particular spot in the kitchen.

I did various techniques, and told her " this energy has been here the entire time IOU have owned the house, but you are only perceiving it now bc your own vibrational frequency shifted due to your recent birthday. Someone was shot in the head in this room, and you turned the same age as they were when they died."

After the session I did on her kitchen, she never had that kind of headache again. She Got curious and asked her neighbors about the previous owners of the house (she was the 4th owner) and it turns out that a set of renters about 6 years prior had had a crystal meth lab, and during a raid they began a firefight with the police. One person died due to a bullet through the head.
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Originally Posted by Bear Sage View Post
We play drinking games to that show! Every time Aaron says "dude" during marathons we take shots.
This is priceless! My wife and I watch the show, I've downloaded all the seasons, and we DVR all the new ones. What other rules do you play by?

I've only had one experience that I can remember. This was about 10-12 years ago and it was with my ex-gf, her brother, and her brother's sister. He found out about a few haunted cemeteries in our area and we decided to go check them out one evening. We brought a camera with us and put on night-vision mode so we could try to see something. We hit up a few cemeteries, but didn't find anything until the last one we went to. It was a small children's cemetery in the middle of nowhere in Crystal Lake, IL (at least I think it was Crystal Lake). I caught a few shadows moving around the outhouse they had there as well as an orb floating by one of the headstones. Never really heard anything like voices or footsteps, but this was my first interaction with ghosts/spirits and have believed in them ever since.

My wife once and a while says that she hears weird noises in our house. Our house is pretty young though (around 13 years old). So every time she says she hears something, I always tell these spirits to make their presence known by either making a sound or the lights turn off. Nothing ever happens, but I wish it would.

My wife also had experiences with a Ouija board, but I can't remember what she told me had happened. Ever since that day, she will not go near one nor let me purchase one for our house so I can mess around with it
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