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Rachel O'Leary
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Default Available for Sale- October 12

Stitches are out and I am back in business! Unfortunately, I have ot buy a new lap top as the m key fell off of mine and won't function and its hard for
"sjinkzd to sell aano shrip", etc. So, my loss is your gain! Doing another spend $50 or more and get 5% off your order! Here is the list. I do have a few things coming out of quaratine soon (panda cories mainly). There will also be a VERY limited number of Yellow Cheek Sulawesi (Caridina spinata)shrimp available. Live arrival on express shipping only for fish and the sulawesi shrimp.They will be $14 each. Priority shipping is fine for all other invertebrates. All shipping charges are based on projected box weight and zip code.

Caridina hodgarti (not often seen! Green rocket shrimp) $4 8/ $30
Caridina propinqua $1.50
Yellow neocaridina $3
Red Cherry neocaridina $1.50 SOLD OUT FOR NOW
Tiger shrimp $3 SOLD OUT
Malawa shrimp $1
Indian white banded $4
Green babaulti $3

Red lips nerite $2
Red spot nerite $2
Batik nerite NEW IN STOCK! $2.50
Zebra nerite $2
Pomacea diffusa (mystery snail) pea sized, $1

Cambarellus patzcuarensis sp. "orange" $12- MALES ONLY

Limnopilos naiyanetri $4

Paracheirodon simulans (green neon) $2, 10/$15!!!
Carnegiella strigata $2.50 (marbled hatchet) 10/$22!

L144 longfinned- $10, shortfinned $8 (albino blue eyed)- NOT OF SEXABLE SIZE
Hyalogbagus flavus (shadow catfish) $5, 6/$25

Clown killies $3 FEMALES
Stiphodon percnopterygionus!! $30/pair FEW LEFT!!!
Corydoras habrosus-Sale price! $2.50 each! 10/$23
Corydoras similis $5 each (smudge spot cory) 6/$28
Tank raised cardinal tetras! just over 1" $2 each
Albino ancistrus $4 (albino bristlenose) SEXABLE SIZES
Y. cruciatus $4 (dwarf hovering zebra loach)
Y. sidthimunki $9 (sids, dwarf chain loach)
Otocinclus affinis $2
Danio erythromicron $3
M. kubotai $4 (neon green rasbora)
B. dorsiocellata $2 10/$18 (emerald eye rasbora) SOLD OUT
D. kyathit $1 (orange finned danio)
R. pauciperforatum (red line rasbora) 2/ $1
H. pulchripinnis $1.50- various sizes (lemon tetra)
T. micagemma $3, young (sparkle eye white cloud)
Wild guppies! $1.50 each
Sawbwa resplendens $3 each!
Espeis rasboras! $2.50 each or 10/$22!
DARIO JUINTIA HILLS!!! $5 each, mostly males. Please don't ask for more than pairs. I will not sell trios or multiple females to males, its just too hard to get females.


val nana $2 mature stem
Ludwigia repens $1 mature stem
java moss $3 golf ball
Anubias nana $4
Anubias minima $5
Anubias lanceolata $4

Dried goods
coconut huts (drilled for apistos/ ancistrus) $2
Almond leaves, $8/bag (about 40 leaves per bag)
Back to nature guide to nano aquaria- $27- GREAT book! Shipping is $2 media mail!

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