Low Tech 75G Using 3x54 t5ho
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Old 06-24-2011, 01:04 AM   #1
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Low Tech 75G Using 3x54 t5ho

I am researching everything before putting my 75G low tech together. The lighting seems to be the hardest part. If I get low enough lighting I will have a small light strip that I don't think will have enough spread unless I buy two light strips. My question is could I buy the Catalina 3x54 with two switches? I could run the 54watt in the middle for one period and run the two outside lights for 108watts together during a much shorter period. This would not be suspended. My thinking is it would allow me to get the spread I need but not have to much light over all. Would that work or is it to much light no matter how I look at it? Its an idea that I was thinking may keep me from having to upgrade if were to start using co2. The other option for about the same price is a pair of 2x28 T5no coralifes. I am not sure of the quality and if I started using co2 I may have to buy something else. I think I get more and better for the money as well as not having to possibly upgrade getting the Catalina. At the same time I do not want to get the wrong thing and have massive algae problems. What ever input I get will be appreciated.
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The Dude
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I have that fixture over my 75g. I use the 2 54w lights for about 8-10 hours and the 54w for an hour before bed. I have pressurized C02 and algae, but my snails, ottos, and soone Amanos should take care of that. Mine is mounted with the legs. Your photoperiod with the 2 bulbs probably should be more than a couple hours, but it's a quality fixture at a great price with room to upgrade.
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It's a nice fixture. I run it with two bulbs on my 55g and it works great.
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Old 06-25-2011, 07:39 AM   #4
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MartyD do you use co2 injection? If this works I was thinking about getting 2 67k lights and 1 10k with the assembly or should I get all 67k?
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Jim Miller
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The Catalina has very good reflectors and as a result you will be pumping a lot of energy into an 18" high water column even with just two T5HO.

It will be a challenge without CO2.

Consider replacing the HO bulbs with NO ones which will work fine in the Catalina fixture.

I run 2 T5NO most of the time on my 90g which is 24" high. The light is 24" above the substrate.

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Used a single T5HO 65k bulb with a good reflector over a 55g (same depth as 75g) within an inch of the top for a few months on a non injected tank. Didn't see the colors I should out of the plants so I changed things up. Algae was not an issue at all.

I changed fixtures to add spectrum with dual bulbs and now I'm raising the light trying to find the sweet spot without putting the gas to it. With 2xT5HO close to the tank GDA was an issue. Currently 5" off the tank w/10K and a flora pink bulb in the fixture. Only had it up for a week so to soon to tell if I'll raise it again.
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