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Here's my 29gal. I started it up last Novemeber and now I'm almost done, just need to add a school of 15x Green Neon Tetras (when I find some again...).

Light- Coralife 2x18 watt T5NO
Filter- Eheim Ecco 2236
Heater- Hydor ETH 200 watt
Substrate- Flourite black

Assorted Crypts (C. balansae, retrospiralis, mixed Wendtiis, ciliata)
Narrow leaf Java fern
Hygro kompakt
Anubias nana 'petite'
Lilaeopsis mauritiana
Nymphea lotus

Tiger shrimp
Assorted snails (Nerites, Pond, Ramshorn)
15x Axelrodia riesei (Ruby Tetras)
10x Corydoras pygmaeus
(soon to add 15x Green Neon Tetras)
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