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I have a 10 gallon tank with the standard single flourescent light. I have Java Fern on driftwood and some fourleaf clover (pond type, we'll see if it gets shorter) started in flourite. I'll be adding some stem plants as soon as I find out what I can find locally that looks good and will tolerate 1.5 wpg.

Question 1 - Does anyone have any reccomendations for background stem plants for a new small tank?

Question 2 - I will switch that tube for a better bulb soon, as it is whatever comes standard from Walmart and it looks very purple which is weird with the driftwood.
There is no reflector in this hood, do I need one, can I make one?

Question 3 - I have no filter on this yet. I have a powerhead that I just got at a garage sale, it was running an UGF in a 20 gallon saltwater tank. Should I add that powerhead to this tank now for circulation, or do I really need a filter?

Question 4 - I do intend to add fish, eventually. I love the idea of a species tank (read an article about that and it sounds great) but first I know that I'll need certain things to take care of algae, how many otos and/or cory catfish and/or mollies and/or shrimp do I need, and after those, what else can I fit in the 10 gallon tank?

I'm OK if this will only hold a clean up crew and a single betta, or zebra danios or something. One day I will have a huge tank with schools of fish and plants. This is a learning tank. When it is running well I'll start on the 20 gallon I just picked up. Lighting will be an investment there and I'm not ready for it just yet.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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