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Originally Posted by GoodOldDays View Post
The going price at for an Excotic Marine 36 inch long is about $180; so being that these two lights are approximately the same, I would imagine that the street price will be close to $180
do you mean the Orbit marine? ...I see it listed on Ken's for 180 in 36"-48" but the E-series has 10 more watts at 36"-48", and if the price from my link is going to be fairly close to what others offer it at, we're looking at $260. But... for 180 you can get the 24"-38" (which has 9 more watts then the orbit marine 24"-36"). I don't know about you guys but go off actual length of the fixture... like I don't consider the 24"-36" light a 36" inch light just because the stand will stretch that far when the actual fixture is only 24.5".

Looks like the 24-36" will be thes sweet spot value wise. You jump from up 38 from the 12-18" 132 base price making it 171 for the 18-24, but only another 20 for the 24-36", then you jump 75 for 36-48", and another 50ish for 48-60"... strange that it isn't just a 20-30 dollar raise each time. I guess they are basing it off popularity of specific sizes and are discounting the 24-36" the most because they figure they'll sell the most of those???

I guess i'll probably be going with the 24-36" for most of my vivariums, then putting some old lights I have laying around on a timer to come on/off between the sunrise/sunset of the e-series to fill out/boost the light during midday.
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