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Well, I filled this guy up with water and added plants about a week or two ago. I'm dosing EI with Rex's dry ferts and all is well so far. I had to break down my 5 gallon because the sig other won't let me have two tanks in the apartment Oh well. I transferred the plants from the 5 gallon over, with the exception of my TON of java moss in that tank... which is still sitting in there until I figure out what to do with it.

At the rear left is stargrass, then tons of vals that I pulled from my 5 gallon (over 30 plants/plantlets), some ludwigia repens, blyxa japonica at the front left by the rocks, a tiny bit of java moss and HM at the left by the rocks, HC spread throughout the foreground, HM at the right in a bushy mound, and a little HM in the middle rear, and finally my rubin sword centerpiece.

Not at ALL what I expected or planned for the tank to look like. I had wanted a background of stargrass, myaca, hornwort, and a foreground of equally small leaved plants. But, then I found out I had to break down my 5 gallon and do something with my vals, and then I fell in love with that sword... and now this is what I have.

Some vals that got transplanted into the 10 gal:

I want the ludwigia to grow into more of a pink mass. I may replace it with a rotala if it doesn't fill in the way I want it to. Hopefully the star grass takes off and fills in the left... Once my stems root, I'd like to get rid of a lot of the vallisneria, as there's a lot of it. The tank just looks too messy to me. Also, I'm VERY unhappy with the HC. It just didn't work out, unfortunately. The last week before I filled the tank, half the HC melted while emersed. What's curious is that when it was melting, it was sending out little what appeared to be seed-pods. And now, I have this growing in the most unsightly piles of dead HC:

If you look in the middle of the brown dead HC, you'll see tiny plantlets growing. Is it baby HC from seeds? It's definitely a vascular plant of some form. Sorry for the blurriness but they're TINY and there's about 30 of them. Hopefully they grow and nothing eats them. PS - As you can see, that section of HC is done-for. Anything that started melting before I filled the tank just got worse after I filled it. Fortunately, there are other sections doing well and the HM is doing great, so if I end up with an HM carpet instead of HC, its not the end of the world.
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