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It's important to know what your tap water is so you can know where the stuff in your tank is coming from.

Get a Kh test.
I agree. I had a pH level of 7.6 in my tank and thought it was the limestone that I had in the tank. Measured the tap water and found that it was 7.6. Doh!

I have that Kh test. The toddler won't give me the time to run the test. I'll test it today and also tap water and post the results.

Would you say its heavily planted, lightly planted? I noticed your photoperiod at 8 hours and why the 1 hour in the morning. Plants need a solid 10-12 hours of light.
I'd say it was lightly planted. I only have three anubias, two clumps of moneywort, two clumps of java moss, and those acorus plants. I plan on adding more, just need to finish looking for the plants. Trying to stay true to the SA theme is proving a pain to a small degree.

I read one article that suggested turning the lights on for about 45 minutes in the morning to get the algea in the tank geared up to start photosynthesising. The algae uses up a lot of energy to start photosynthesis, so at the point where it's getting back a return, the lights go off, making the algae expend more energy than it generated. I'll try anything once, so I set that cycle up. I'm not saying that it works, but but the algae has definitely been affected by something. I'll increase the night light to 10 hours since its been recommended several times. I reduced the light to 8 hours on suggestion of another board to control algae.

I wish I could borrow some of your Nitrates
Send me your postal and I'll ship em out to ya. :hehe: Don't worry about returning em.

55 g ~ 404 Fluval Canister ~ 110w 6400k photoperiod 8 hours at the end of the day
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