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Thank you very much.

How do i determine I have enough light?
My LED, I think, say's it has 3475 lumens. That seems like very little when i did the calculations based on this thread:
My tank is 48x12x20 (approximate)

If it's not based on lumens or watts and surface area etc what is it based on?

You mentioned reading your posts to educate myself. I will do that. I guess I thought there was some formula to abide by.

When I ran my cichlid tank I did the leg work on getting the info and was highly informed before starting.This tank was kind of a fast track process, and I want to make sure i didn't blow $280 on an LED strip light that could be replaced with a much better system at a lower or similar cost. I almost never just go out and buy without being informed, but in this instance I did with the light.

I will look into circulation etc and see how I can use my powerheads to aid in that like you mentioned. One note I have 2 Aquaclear 70 HOB filters on either end of the tank that are cascading quite a bit of water into the tank. Is that enough water movement?


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