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Default My Bedside 20L Shrimp Tank. (56k)

I started this back in April with the intent on documenting the entire thing and keeping a journal for it...haha...well I took pictures of the whole process, but thats about it. Half points maybe? Oh well I suppose its better late than never.

Anyways, so I really wanted a nice simple tank for my room and i needed a safe haven to put my shrimp if any were to survive the rainbows in my 75. I love the look of open top tanks as well, but my rainbows also seem to think they can fly. Oh and i also really wanted to try Aquasoil and didnt want to cycle it in a bucket or something. So really, when you add it all up i had to start another tank.

I decided on a 20L. There's so many amazing ones on this site and i had a 20L qt tank that was painful to look at full of plastic, pvc and terracotta.
This hobby is expensive. My plan for this tank was to spend money on what I felt was more important, a quality substrate and filtration. Scrap 2x4s and black paint for a nice cheap stand and i have a few dome cfls laying around so lighting was free.

Building the stand...simple, free and the exact height i want! lol

Stand and background painted...fill test...laugh...use half a bag of shims

Light!...a bit too much...

Decided on AS Amazonia, bought the Power Sand S as well. Starting to waste money already haha. I was impressed by the AS, it was able to knock my ph from ~8.2 down to 6.8-7. Still waiting(being lazy) to test gh and kh.

Went with a 2215. I have a 2217 and love it so the choice was easy, battled with getting a 2213 but i'm happy with the overkill. Main concern here was noise since its the 2nd tank in my room and feet from my bed. Plugged it in and had to do the usual eheim touch my filter to make sure its on dance, the things are awesome.

Also got a 200w Hydor inline heater. Wont need it now but my room drops to like 15-16c in winter...Plan to have a cheap bedroom tank slowly falling apart...

Cycling...Lots o Frogbit = bye bye ammonia

More plants.

Cycled. In go the shrimp! Some rescued from the Boesemani massacre and some from the lfs.

Another collapse in the budget plan...well ive never tried leds before! What was i supposed to do?

And where we are at today. Things are growing in nicely, done a few trims already and there are shrimplets everywhere!

The plants are staying...for now. 3 kinds of Crypts, Vals, 2 kinds of Bacopa, Flame Moss, Rotala, Hygrophila, Dwarf Sag, Pennywort.

Well there it is. My condensed, yet slightly long winded journal for the past 3-4 months. Maybe I'll try and update this on some sort of normal schedule, maybe...

Questions? Ideas? I'd love some input!

Here's some camera phone eye candy

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