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Sweet little tank, I know how that 'I'm not aquascaping' thing goes.

I know how you feel having an empty tank sitting there. I picked up a 56 column tank just after New Years, and I'm still pulling together the rest of the equipment for it. I forgot about having to extend the CO2 system and providing light and all that while I was excitedly buying the tank. All I could envision was lace plants standing up in an adequately deep tank. I do the cheap substrate thing so I wasn't worried about that.

I'm picking up a 75 tank stand and sump from a soon to be "ex-reefer" too, but that one will have to wait for a bit.

My wife asked me where I was going to put the 75 and I said at the end of the kitchen table would be nice but it would be hard to run a CO2 system there. :cry:

She said "Can't you just run the tubing alongside the cable for the DSL line?"

To which I said "I can put the tank there?"

I love it when they fix your problem for you and inadvertently give you permission to do something.

I love these guys who get into reefs allout, then quit and sell everything for the first few notes of a song.

Aquascape? I'm a crypt farmer.

It's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot.

That IS an aquascape, it's titled "The Vacant Lot".
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