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Thats great news, I think this thread is pretty much done now then, this is now my online free guide lol, and I can read it over and over to make sure I suck in all the information then venture out and learn more about EI, and maybe when I learn more I can give plantbrain's recommendation a try, or even experiment my self and gain more experience.

Plantbrain said:

"So for a 90 liter tank:

2-3x a week:

1/4 tsp K2SO4
1/16th KH2PO4

I'd add the MgSO4 to the trace mix and make a solution using about 4 tsp of CMS+B and 2 tsp of MgSO4, then dose this at about 5mls 3-4x a week."

I presume the K2SO4 and KH2PO4 he is giving me are dry dosing instructions, and then I think my Chelated Trace is not identical to CMS+B which I found on, so maybe when I look into ordering my K2SO4 I can order the CMS+B and then give his suggestion a try and use my "Potassium Phosphate" which is the same as KH2PO4 "Monopotassium phosphate" I presume.

I'm not the best at equations and measurements but I presume to find 1/4 I just divide a teaspoon into 4 and with the 1/16 I divide the fertilizer in to 16 parts and just throw 1 part into the tank etc giving me the 1/16th.

Also I could not find where you found the teaspoon weights, I looked all on the calculator but had no luck.

Thanks again and cheers for your help Zorfox
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