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Hi. Ive made a post in the water params section, but this might be a more appropriate place to ask this question.
I had a 60 gallon low tech aquarium that was doing great. I have large cichlids, and they made plenty of poop to keep the plants fed.
A few monts ago I moved everything to a 220 gallon. My plants are growing fairly quickly, but not NEARLY as fast as in the 60 gallon. They are very brittle and the leaves are yellowing a little. I am adding flourish and excel. My lighting is about 2 watts per gallon. My nitrates are at 10 ppm. My phosphate test kit is long expired, but my phosphates have historically always been high. There are some phosphates in my tap water. Substrate is flourite.
I dont want to start a general PMDD or EI dosing regimin, because I think I already have enough nitrogen and phosphates. The flourish should be adding the macros and iron.
Anyone have any ideas what I can do to get my plants a little healthier, or what nutrient may be missing?
Would the natural thing to do be to live w/ a little algae and weak plants until my substrate gets enough fish waste in it?

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