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Originally Posted by BrokeCurmudgeon View Post
I have been disappointed with one aspect of my Edge. Not enough surface area to allow for a good oxygen transfer to the water. I had replace the Edge filter with a Ehiem Ecco 2232 canister filter. I had noticed that the fish seemed to lack oxygen, mostly at night, because they were always at the surface. To solve this I place an airstone to agitate the surface. All went well until yesterday. I didn't like the moisture on the led lights because of the bubbles so, not thinking, I turned off the air pump. This morning I find two of my prided corydoras habrosus dead with two of my nicest male guppies dead. The water parameters were all good. I did a fifty percent water change and turned on the bubble machine and now the remaining fish seem OK. Thoughts?

Also, the blue led's on the Fluval light fixture stopped working after four months. All I can say is that Hagen (Fluval) is super easy to work with! They replaced my lights without any problem. Great customer service!
HI Mate,

Check out my Journal on my Edge build. I changed the filter into a canister filter and was concerned about O2 levels in the water as well. So I used the HOB as a water cascading unit :
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