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Sooooo...since last update. After a heavy trim, BGA just blew up. It was show up here and their but over 2 days, my tank was covered. Went ahead and treated with Maracyn. I have read on hear to stop dosing at the time. Well, that was a week without dosing and the HC is a bit yellow and doesn't look as healthy. It's bouncing back though. I got some brown algae in the process, I attribute it to either lack of dosing, or the fact I put a HOB filter which messed with the CO2 levels. I still have the HOB filter on and have to inject about 3x or more CO2 to get similar levels.

Unfortunately, I have less HC than the last update. The reason is increably simple. Between trying to pull up some of the BGA, and the brown algae I now have, I pull up some HC as well. Not a big deal, most of the tank has at least some solidly rooted HC which will spread quickly.

I have a philosophical view of this tank, and others I have had. Even on my most low maintenance tanks, if I don't "love them up", they tend to go south. I have been very consumed with other things and just not paid attention to this tank. Not that it has been an easy tank but it's lacking so love. One of my favorite/easy tanks that was high tech just got a through look over every day with some random dosing. I personally feel that the hours of attention it got during the week just made it work, even though I never had a real formula to it.

Next to do:
-Thinking about adding some color with stems as I am kind of bored of the layout.

-Still need a camera, I can't even find my old camera that sucks but atleast I can use a tripod.

-Search for the balance. I my light level is OK if I does consistantly but a missed few days can really mess things up. I find the HC grows better compared to when I have raised the lights and skipped the noon burst but I have to stay on top of things.

-Love up the tank, see above

-Still planning to add shrimp, just haven't had time or thought about it.

-Maybe change up the diffuser setup. I have one inline that does about 80% of the CO2. I then do 20% through the in tank one. It is cool because I can just turn the in tank one when I get new fish but I am wondering if it may be causing issues.

That said, here are some cellphone pics. I did minor editing, only to reflect the real colors. I didn't not clean the glass enough but I am exhausted so it is what it is.

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