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Lol, thanks, finding your inputs a great help.

I think I'm down to my last questions now...

Does a 2x32xT8 ballast driving 2 30watt tubes give 60 watts or 30... (we'll forget about reflection etc, for illustration's sake)?

Would a T10 have the same endcaps that a T8 has?

I wan't to buy 2 of these tubes (erm, its all I could find localy, which I could read up on)
A-1585 Aqua~Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Bulb - 36" - T10

I have a 15" one on my smaller tank, it is sooooo beautifull (da fishies).


I just read the link in the last post... WOW good spot!!!
Think I want a ballast that can cater for 3 30 watt tubes then, for when I do someday get CO2
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