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Originally Posted by Dany08fa View Post
if you already have a wife/family/gf/kids then YES they do come first. but if your hobby/hobbies are that importent to you like it is to me then you should have thought about that before hand... i know that there is no way i could live without doing my passions! and i have a lot of them.

i know that before i get married (or if i do.. haha) the wife is gonna have to deal with my aquarium room, my huge garage filled with cars, i will be buying a boat or 2 and the house will be the way i want it, etc.... call me selfish, but unless she's bringing in the majority of the income she has nothing to say. not saying there will be no comprimise or i won't do anything nice for her, but she's definatilly not gonna tell me what i can and cannot do with my money. PERIOD!
A mindset such as this is probably why the divorce rate is so high these days.

Being female and a fish dork...I don't see why some women would have an issue with tanks. However for what I spend on my hobbies...I feel my SO should be able to spend on hobbies. This is perhaps where some complaining happens with couples; one party spends loads on something and the other feels left out and as if they dont have the ability to engage in something they would like to do. I am not married, have been in a long term relationship and currently live with the other.
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