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Originally Posted by m00se View Post
You're going to hear all kinds of "YOU CRAY YO" baloney about using it. A modicum of common sense (don't sniff it - don't get it in your eyes - if you spill it wipe it up etc) you'll be fine. The stuff is used to lower the pH in swimming pools and "pH Down" aquarium treatments it's so "deadly".... I don't bother using gloves. If you have sensitive skin then do so. Otherwise use at your discretion.
I agree, most muriatic acid that you'll find at Lowes or HD isn't too concentrated, probably with a pH of around 4-5. However, if you used conc. HCl (i.e. 32% or above), then you'd definitely need gloves etc. as that stuff is pretty intense: a labmate of mine got some chemical burns from it not too long ago.
Just make sure you don't mix it with bleach.
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