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Originally Posted by Wannaberooted View Post
Yet more conflicting information on the web about this after reading a bit, so I don't know. Some people said no problems after years, some not. I also read somewhere that water quality is the biggest influence on barbel health, so maybe that was the problem for the people with short barbels, not the Eco-Complete. How's that for a non-answer?
Originally Posted by Wannaberooted View Post
I use Flourite, no problems here for the Cory whiskers. After comparing the pictures here
and here
they look very similar. If anything the Flourite has more sharpness. Hopefully someone that uses Eco-Complete with Corys will chime in.
Thanks for looking into it. Maybe some others will chime in with their experience.

Originally Posted by mitchfish9 View Post
Plenty of people have had cories with eco complete. It is definitely more of a water quality issue.

There are freshwater nerites for sure, but I have never owned them so that research is up to you.

Blue rams are just another name for german blue rams. They are the same thing. Electric blue rams on the other hand are bright blue over their whole body. If you do 2 schools of tetra, my advice is to do rummynose/cardinal with a tetra that compliments their red good like pristella, lemon, or black neon tetra.
Water quality issue? In what sense?

My LFS used to carry them, but not anymore. Now they just have black mystery snails. I asked them to order some for me, so we shall see.

Ok, wasn't sure if I missed something there. EBRs are crazy looking, but I may like BR/GRRs a little more. I already have started stocking the tank with CTs, so RNTs might be out of the picture. My LFS has some Juliis, so when the time comes I may just stock the tank with 6-8 or those.

I'll check out the other tetras you mentioned.
Originally Posted by thebuddha View Post
here is how i am planning on stocking my 29g:
12x rummy nose tetra
10x marbled hatchet fish
1x german blue ram
then either a bristlenose/cories/or ottos

I have noticed that these fish seem to be pretty popular for 29 gallons; a bunch of threads with very similar stocking
Sounds like a nice variety. Thanks for sharing. Very similar to what I'm looking at doing. Please share some pics!
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