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Originally Posted by NWA-Planted View Post

but you have to realize A) many folks here are going to be VERY interested in your products especially when its something that could be comparable to DIY
B) We like pricing....

I understand that pricing can be dependent however, no one here is a newcomer to shipping costs that can fluctuate regularly, but there has to be baseline that says this product costs so much at $x price shipping calculated at order yada yada

Or even give standard options like the port to add to controllers etc. I mean correct me if I am wrong but there should be a base price... that does not depend on shipping or anything...

THAT being said that thing.. above... cmon not needed, and do you have a direct link to that pendant or did I just miss it? Your stuff looks great and the data you provide is what serious aquarists are looking for, but we also like to have a general idea on pricing... though usually when someone says "contact for quote" two things, there is no base product and or the price is fairly out of the norm.
I totally agree...

Originally Posted by JamesEmory View Post
It's not secretive, the price all depends on where it is being shipped to. Obviously we cannot list every country and what the price is shipped to that country. And again, it all depends on how many units are ordered. There are discounts for multiple unit orders which results in a lower price per unit.

Like this some how makes them any different than, oh I dont know, 99.9% of every other company that sells products on the internet??? I mean saying that price differs based on country and shipping duh. lol To me, thats no reason to not be able to post a price. Again, you're sponsoring a forum here that is predominately a US market. Give a US pricing point.

I dont know why im so annoyed by this? haha Probably for the same reason most of the rest of us are. I assume you're following the sales model you've put forth, and sticking to it.

Again, they seem great to deal with. I can see that already. But, holy crap...give a price! Like Nwa-planted said...atleast a base price, with an asterisk that says price may very depending on location and options...
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