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Had a similar issue in my tank about 2 weeks ago. First of all, if you got low light, IMO you dont really need EI as fish waste and food can provide the nutrients.

I think you could more fast growing plants to help outcompete the algae and then once things have settled back into it, you can slowly remove them.

What i did which worked great against the algae was a blackout. 3 days, 0 light. 50% WC before and after no dosing or CO2. Probably a good idea to drop an airstone in. Dosing excel before you cover can really help as well. But bear in mind not all plants handle it well (like hornwort or moss). You really need to cover everything. I used towels and jackets to cover mine. since i also had a diatom outbreak, the first thing i noticed when i unveiled my tank was, "oh fuk this plant is green, i totally forgot...". Plants took a hit, but they are recovering fine.

I think that if an algae outbreak happens, it can be real difficult to get things into order if your plants aren't healthy. I struggled for a month trying to get my plants to do well. Injected a ton of CO2, followed EI, but the diatoms didnt give a fuk. They coated the leaves of my rotalas and basically choked those plants out of light. Literally, i would drop in a new plant and within 12 hours i would see brown appearing on the edges of the leaves. I had plants doing better in no light than in my tank. After the blackout, so far the diatoms are still there, but significantly reduced. To give you an idea of how much reduced, since last friday i dropped in the same plant as before, only a few leaves have some brown on them, the rest are all good. Still, i hope they finish their cycle soon since this was an established tank before I induced the bloom.

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