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Arrow 20 gallon planted tank with cherry shrimp and honey gourami


I set up my 20 gallon over a year ago, wow time flys!
I have the tank on a schedule of:

EI dosing of ferts: 1/4 tsp KNO3, 1/8 tsp KH2PO4, 1/16ish K2SO4, (plantex has been placed on hold)

pressurized CO2: on a timer set with the lights for 8 hours a day

T5HO lighting 6500k: 8 hours a day

dual sponge filter runs 24/7

fluval 206 canister filter runs 24/7

I did have other times of fish in the tank but have since moved them or gave them away.

Currently, the stock list is: 1 male dwarf honey gourami
12+ painted fire red and other assorted cherry shrimp.
Ramhorn snails (they breed like crazy!)
4 emerald cory cats

Current plant/other stock list: 1 amazon sword
getting some ludwigia arcuata
DHG(need some more)
one lily with red and green coloration
1 random plant I rescued from .99 bin(they said it wouldnt live, HA!)
A java moss wall
2 shrimp shelters with java moss
cholla wood
driftwood centerpiece

Recently, I have been experiencing a die off with my cherry shrimp. I purchased 30 PFR's, and already had 24 regular grade cherries. I can only visually count 12 but there could be more in the moss wall.
I have since halted my dosing of plantex- in case the copper is bothering them. Also, I've lowered my use of the CO2 in the tank- in case they are sensitive to it.

Sincerely, Unikorn

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