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Anecdotal knowledge says nothing for 2-3 weeks other than plant growth might get crummy. Too much longer and things start to crash in my tank (lack of something stops growth and algae starts up).

I have lots of fish in mine, never had much of an issue w/ the fish either.

My biggest issues are when a filter clogs or a large fish dies and I don't realize it (3" pleco in the back). Then I've got a big nutrient dump.

Keep an eye on the algae and the plants, if they do something different, do a WC.

Originally Posted by sdbrewer View Post
What are the repercussions of overdosing ferts (NPK and micro) in a plant only tank? For instance, if one followed standard EI dosing, but skipped the 50% water change for 2 or 3 weeks, would there be negative effects on the plants? This is also assuming the tank has adequate CO2 and high lighting.
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